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Welcome to Paynes Bee Farm Ltd. A fully commercial bee farm based in Sussex, England with over 1500 colonies of bees. We are able to supply all your needs, whether you are already a beekeeper and needing equipment or bees, someone interested in Beekeeping, or just loving the honey that they produce. Just visit our sites below or contact us.

Who are we?

Mark Payne

A 3rd generation beefarmer.   If we don’t find him in the ‘honey house’ jarring up 1000s of jars and buckets, he’ll be in the office ensuring your accounts and paperwork are up to date.

Roger Payne

Another 3rd generation beefarmer.   Spending most of his time with his head in a hive somewhere in Sussex, Kent or Hampshire.   He also handles sales and support enquiries.

Becky Payne

 Looking after 1500 hives may be a daunting task for some, but not for Becky! And once she has finished looking after them, you’ll find her preparing marketing emails or helping in the busy dispatch department.

And the others….

Of course, the business would be no-where without the other family and team members:

Paul Payne - the ‘Dad’, often found in the workshop making beehives and repairing things.

Peter Payne - the ‘Uncle’, not wanting to retire yet, he is still looking after 250 hives.   He also gets the nice job of cleaning 2000 supers at the end of each season!

Sandra Payne - the ‘mum’, always willing to help out where she can, she’ll be the one helping you at the Click ‘n Collect desk.

Carol Payne - the ‘Sister’, she will never be seen by customers as she maintains the warehouses and all our stock.   Even we don’t see her for weeks on end!

Karen Adlam - If you’ve ever phoned us, you’ve probably talked to karen.   She handles the phone and can help you with any orders and questions. 


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